We understand the personal needs of each client can be truly diverse, so individual estimates are given. We have a staff of mastering engineers from which you can choose based upon your needs, and be fully confident you’ll be getting professional service. We state our rates here to give you an idea of what it could cost. The following is a brief guideline of our rates and fees:

Audio Mastering Rate - $90-125/hr. We estimate approximately 1 hour of studio time for every 10 minutes of program material, then add an extra hour for sequencing and editing and exporting files. For example, a 40 minute CD usually takes about 5 hours to complete. This is just an estimate. Please call or email our office for more specific details and “all-in” pricing options.

Final Master Delivery:

DDP Image Upload – $65.00 (our most popular option)

DDP verified Image Master w/ref check disc – $125.00

WAV file master with ISRC - $20.00

Instrumentals - 1/2 studio rate - Usually about $150 for an LP.

Initial Session Backup Fee - $25.00/project (mandatory)

Vinyl Splits Masters – V/S High Resolution Masters for cutting lacquers – $150.00

Format Specific MFiT Encoding – $90.00-150.00 (depending upon length)

Call us directly. 845-563-3094
or email us... wwsm@mac.com